Dr. Teneshia Winder, Co-Pastor

Dr. Winder is an anointed preacher and delivers the Word of God in a way that is easily understood and applicable to everyday life. She is well-educated, holding degrees in Legal Studies B.S., Criminal Justice and Forensic Science M.S., Christian Counseling M.A., and Psychology PhD.

Together with her husband, Senior Pastor Donell Winder, they pastor a church grounded in the Word of God. Their ministry focuses on teaching and deliverance, emphasizing that when you know the truth, it will set you free, as stated in John 8:32. They believe in the transformative power of God’s truth to liberate people from bondage.

Dr. Winder’s dynamic leadership skills and consistent spirit of excellence make her an admired and respected figure in the Christian community. As a conference and motivational speaker, she shares her knowledge and insights across the nation.

She has worked diligently to create a platform that emphasizes the connection between mental health and ministry, believing that God desires His people to be healed mentally, spiritually, and physically in order to achieve complete wholeness.

Dr. Winder is the founder of the Winder Ministries Prophetic Dance Network which connects Christian dancers across the nation and the creator of the “Faith Based Dance for Your Soul Community Dance Therapy Program.” This innovative program provides youth with access to dance training and mentoring from professionally trained dancers while helping them learn about and strengthen their faith and develop emotional regulation skills.

Dr. Teneshia Winder is a mental health professional, first lady in ministry, and the founder of Leading Ladies, a mental health service designed specifically for first ladies in ministry. As a first lady herself, Dr. Winder understands firsthand the unique challenges that come with this leadership role, and she is passionate about empowering women in ministry to take charge of their mental health and well-being. With her extensive experience and expertise, Dr. Winder designed the Leading Ladies program to provide a safe and supportive space for first ladies in ministry to explore their thoughts and feelings, develop tools and strategies to manage stress, and cultivate greater well-being. She is committed to helping these women achieve complete wholeness of the mind, body, and soul, so that they can continue to lead their communities with strength, grace, and confidence.

She is also a successful author of multiple books and initiated the “Trauma has no Color” book project, which brings individuals together to undergo intensive therapy and co-write a book about their experiences and healing process. Dr. Winder developed a faith-based trauma therapy curriculum and launched the “Faith Based Trauma Clinic,” a one-day clinic that teaches individuals how to recognize and treat their trauma.

Together with her husband, they established the “Logos Biblical Institute,” a vocational school of ministry that prepares leaders for careers in ministry. They also operate a successful private mental health practice specializing in trauma, couples, families, and personality disorders, as well as a publishing company that offers free publication services to Christian authors.

Driven by her passion to serve the Lord in any way possible, Dr. Winder envisions herself as a vessel through which God’s Word can reach the nations so that all may be saved. She and her husband are blessed with three children: two daughters, Nay’yarrah and Akerah, and a son, Micah.


Co-Pastor Teneshia Winder

Elder Teneshia T. Winder

First Lady & Co-Pastor